letters to our sons | february

another long post!!  but I just can’t help it…so much fun to reminisce about my babies.  I have a feeling my next blog posts will be kept pretty short, what with a newborn and all 😉  you can see the to make the circle – you are sure to be inspired!!

just a reminder that this first set of images is from two years ago…things have changed a lot!!  except for the two sweet family shots from my dear friend Sara Seeton.

and since I showed some iPhone snaps of his big brother…I just couldn’t leave these out!!

the oh-so-incredible Lacey Meyers is up next…seriously you don’t want to miss out on her post!!

letters to our sons | january

I had big plans for the images in this ‘letters to our sons‘ post…but the darn cold + rain just would not go away.  sooooo, to celebrate his birthday I’ll take the images I had in mind and post them later!  for now, here’s a letter to my very first baby.  I typed it through tears, remembering back to when he arrived.  you’ll have to forgive the image quality here in the beginning…these are from FOUR YEARS AGO…we all start somewhere, right? 😉  don’t forget to follow the link at the bottom of this post to make the circle!

you can always go from ‘serious’ to ‘silly’ so fast…I love that about you!

and I just can’t resist adding a *few* mostly recent iPhone snaps!!

next in our blog circle…the always inspiring + one of my very sweet friends, Megan Cieloha…make sure you read her post!

walk | dallas iPhone photographer

so a shocker…but it evolved from taking shots of the boys to SEEING new things in a different way.  this small creative outlet did me (and coincidentally my family) a world of good.  I sit here now (somewhat) refreshed and ready to tackle my work pile and chores.  so, if anything, I encourage you to step out and take a peek around you.  thanks for looking :)  *side note: these were all taken with the iPhone 4 using instagram filters (follow me @leahcookphoto)