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from the golden hair…to the golden


the inevitable has happened.  he’s two.  TWO. 


WAIT!!  do I have my cute shoes on?  more

Farewell 2010

Where do I even begin!?  It was quite a challenge to

if I’m being honest…

so it hurts me to say this…but if I’m

yes, please!

Honestly if I could meet families like this everyday

smart cookie

get it!??  here’s my smart cookie!  Just had to

name game

Oh I just had so much FUN during this session!  Told


We had a beautiful morning for these colorful minis! 

from the start

This family has been with me from the start of my

my girl

okay maybe she’s not really *my* girl…but

half way

Hard to believe we’re half way there.  Look at

lil monkeys

These cuties always melt my heart.  Hard to believe

just sayin’ what

Well, the little guy turned 20 months yesterday.  Oh

horse play

It was overcast and humid that morning.  I’m