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I’ve picked back up posting on the CMpro daily project + have committed to shooting daily (as much as life will allow it at this point!)  I missed having images of my kiddos of our everyday.  you can see what I’ve posted this last month here in my author archives…but don’t forget to check out the entire blog.  holy smokes there is so much inspiration to be found.

and yesterday…I shared this image.  both on the DP + my facebook page.  and I’m overwhelmed.  it went viral and has reached more than 13,000 people.  I’ve received private messages + heartfelt comments.  I truly believe it’s more than the picture and really about the sentiment behind it. It’s funny how apprehensive I was to post it, and yet here I am again sharing this shot.  what I said yesterday:

“this is uncomfortable for me. I’ve never posted a picture of my bare tummy anywhere…and rarely do I take pictures of others’ bellies like this (even though I think they’re beautiful.) but yesterday I was reminded that not HGH everyone has an easy time conceiving + that women who would love nothing more than to grow a baby in their belly struggle to do so. even my own parents tried for 10 years to get pregnant before I was born, which is why I’m an only child. so today I wanted to do something that pushed my limits…for me to remember how special it is to have a new life growing within me. I cherish the movement of my little one + even accept the uncomfortable-ness that will continue these last few weeks, because another would-be mother might not get this experience.

and I mentioned it on my page, but sweet Ty’s hand was completely spontaneous…he happened to walk by and touch his little brother.  and yes, I’ve been very lucky to avoid stretch marks…I did not photoshop any out 😉  although I really do have the weirdest belly button ever – it’s completely crooked and way off to the right!!  thank you again for the love and I mean what was said with all my heart.

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