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the way I view happiness

another month in our blog circle.  march was all about how we view happiness.  sadly, the last couple weeks of this month were tough for my family.  we said goodbye to my sweet Paw-Paw…my mom’s dad and an incredible man.  I haven’t posted the last two weeks of my daily images but I plan to soon.

my first thought was to share big smiles from my boys – after all they exude happiness.  but I went with this image instead.  my parents live on a lake in east texas and Buy Levitra this was at the sand volleyball court, of all places.  a quiet moment full of peace…after a long few days of grieving, remembering, and traveling.  my boys enjoying the sand, my parents enjoying their grandsons, and me taking it all in with my camera and the sunset.  perfect.  sometimes we find joy where we least expect it…and when I look at this picture, that’s exactly how I feel.  happy.

be sure to check out the always amazing Jodi Arego’s blog and make the circle for some more happiness:)

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Very sorry to hear about your Paw-Paw, Leah. This is a beautiful photo of your family!

Oh, this is a beautiful moment Leah. I’m sorry for your loss.

i’m so sorry for your loss, leah. i love this image. and i know that being there with your mom made HER heart happy during this tough time. prayers of strength for you both.

Such a quietly beautiful moment captured.♥ Keeping your family in my thoughts, Leah.

I’m so sorry for your family’s loss, Leah! I don’t think you could have shown a better interpretation for this month’s theme. Simple things in life are often the ones that give us the most joy. It also makes me glad to read that while this time in your life may not be full of happiness, you are still full of joy–one is fleeting, the other is usually a state of living that many don’t get to enjoy :) I’m glad you have it.

I am so sorry for your loss… Your image this month is a wonderful testament! Simply beautiful…

Hugs to you and your family Leah… what a beautiful image.

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