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I have so much gratitude in my heart for this family.  I’m so thankful that they agreed to have not only me in their home days after they brought a brand new (gorgeous!) baby girl home…but that they also welcomed Zac and his cameras so he could video the entire session.  they were perfect clients from start to finish and I’m in love with their sweet kiddos.

if you have no idea what video I’m talking about…this is the family that was featured in my participate in the 2 weeks it was open, have no fear it’s available in the CMstore!  you can read testimonials from participants here and here…or see the sneak peak of the exclusive StickyAlbums app you’ll get here!  all of the ‘blanket’ images you see were NOT shot on a bean bag (not that there’s anything wrong with that!!)…and the whole setup, behind the scenes, + practical tips are included when you purchase the breakout.

back to this sweetie pie.  she’s such an angel…enjoy!!

and a couple just for fun!  hi Zac…thank you!!!

7 thoughts on “gratitude | dallas newborn photographer”

  1. LOVE these Leah! You did a wonderful job on the workshop – thank you for being so open and sharing your newborn process. I thoroughly enjoyed learning from you!!

  2. What a gorgeous session and sweet newborn! Just beautiful, Leah! And can I just say thank you to this family for allowing you to film them. It was such a gift to us photographers. I learned so much from your breakout!

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