daily project week 7 | dallas lifestyle photographer

hmm…where do I begin?  this week was…well, it pretty much was NOT fun.  I try to be a positive person, but man I really must have made the universe super mad because things did not go our way.  won’t bore you with details…but let’s just say that I have a 2.5 year old that is trying to give up naps, got a flat tire right before a session, the Rangers lost the World Series, and lots of other things that are pretty insignificant. honestly, I’m a lucky lady and there are way worse things going on the world, so I’ll zip it now 🙂  Happy Ha-OWL-oween!!  big brother is Mickey Mouse – I’ve snapped a few of him too and will probably share on my facebook page!

wishing you lots of CANDY and treats!  and as always, make sure to check out the CMpro Daily Project blog!

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