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Once again…bad blogger.  Was supposed to have this sneak peek up a few days ago, but my little guy got sick and the weekend has been packed.  Okay on to them!  So fun to head back to Ft. Worth (bonus – we got to see our own MiMi)  Couldn’t wait to meet my friend’s family…oh and they were just the SWEETEST.  Love this one of the girls! (Mom *may* have teared up after we took it.)

and these 3 couldn’t get any cuter…so many precious ones to choose from!

I was super excited when there was a perfect log to perch everyone on…what a great house too – so much character!!

and just for good measure…cannot believe JDS has grown this much!  He has a perfectly shaped baby head and delightfully munch-able cheeks (legs, arms, belly…)  yummy!

Thanks for asking me to meet you back home!!  Safe travels, sisters!

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