Say What? Sun-zzz-day 5-22-10

this say what Sunday was lost, as well…it was from last week and apparently I had no clue I was about to lose more sleep!!  {yawn}

can’t remember what was said.  except that I liked these 2 pictures a lot.  obviously not technically perfect, but sweet all the same.  in the first, Andrew looks so big and strong…contemplative and wise.

and in contrast…this one is light and he looks itty bitty…I do remember saying that it’s amazing he stood still – totally on the go these days.

oh, yes and then these of my two boys – they are one in the same.  LOVE!  we had a great time just the 3 of us last weekend…now it’s coming back

ummmm…and I remember a certain husband named Max leaving me a comment that brought tears to my eyes…  go on, write it again 🙂  love you.

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