Say What {special} Sunday

Ahhhhhhhh!!!!  This weekend was unbelievably special for my family & me…personally and professionally.  I’ve been waiting and waiting for it to get here.  Now, it’s come and gone and I have to get back down to business (sorry if you’re waiting on me!!!)  So what was so special??  Um, we had a family photo session with the incredible Michele of Pinkle Toes Photography.  I begged asked Max if we could take a short trip to Austin and of course since he is the most amazing husband in the world…he said yes and kept me calm in my fury of nerves (understatement.)  Thank you, Michele, for your talent and making it all work.  Now we’ll have memories of the 3 of us for well…forever!!!  Don’t forget to go see our sneak peek on her blog…if you didn’t, click on the above link and check out all of her fantastic work!!  Aside from our pictures and our evening blessed with outrageous light…the 3 of us strolled around, were silly together, and just had a relaxing little break.  oooooh and the best?  My sweet boy fell asleep in my arms.  He can never snooze well away from home and I can’t remember the last time I was holding him tightly while he drifted off to dreamland.  Heaven on earth.  Wish we could have hung out in super cool Austin longer and we missed seeing so many friends.  next time.

Okay, I can’t leave without a few snapshots.  So…I had this bucket I’d been using for smaller babies and the other night plopped Bubba in it.  Surprisingly, he stayed still – unheard of these days!!  Obviously this was pre-haircut.  p.s. I have no business posting images with sun flare since the a fore mentioned photog is no question, the sun-flare-Queen!!

I’ve promised Andrew’s grandparents some 1st haircut pics and am totally falling down on the job.  Hopefully, I’ll get to those soon…but just for fun – here’s one.  SO proud of the little man – no tears, lots of laughing (however, he does look a little unsure here…)

Wishing you a {special} week.  I’m working on your proofs – swear it!!!

  • May 16, 2010 - 10:53 pm

    Kristin - Love the bucket pictures!ReplyCancel

  • May 20, 2010 - 3:02 pm

    ebby - he seems much more comfortable than me in my ‘first haircut’ picture. you know how my face and eyes get REALLY red and my nose swells up when I cry really hard? Yes, you do. Well, multiply that by a million and that’s the intensity with which I was freaking out about my first haircut. I’m surprised my mom didn’t leave me sitting in that chair.

    these are adorable shots BTW! you’re brilliantReplyCancel

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