Meant to post this yesterday before I left town for a surprise visit to my own mom…but I just *couldn’t get everything done*  wait.  that is SO something a mommy would say!

Just a few photos of some wonderful mommies!  It was beautiful to have these ladies and their babies dance across my screen as I whipped this up.  I’m definitely feelin’ the love on this special day…from sweet text messages to emails and even Facebook.  The appreciation for moms is everywhere and well deserved.  There are many eloquent descriptions about mommy-hood…and I tried really hard to come up with something unique and original, but I got nothin.  How about this…being a mom ROCKS.  Happy Mother’s Day to all of you that are moms, soon to-be mamas, have a mother, or take care of any living thing…so Happy Mother’s Day to Everyone!

and extra special wishes go to my baby’s MiMi and Nana.  We are forever grateful for the love you give our sweet boy.  Even though our families are large and small (respectively)…how you hold Andrew in your arms, sing him songs made up just for him, teach him the ways of the world, and cuddle him tight fills our life with complete joy.  He will always know what amazing women you both are.

oh and to my own mom.  What do I say??  There is too much.  Mom, I’ve learned from you in countless ways.  You taught me that bananas get rid of leg cramps, that my blood sugar is low when I wake up so it’s okay to have some sweets (yes!), you’ve always told me that I am beautiful…even when I didn’t feel that way (perm, anyone?)  You’ve instilled in me that everything will be okay…”it has to be okay, Leah…everything will work out.”  It does, Mom – you’re right.  You love God and live your life with integrity and peace.  You are almost ALWAYS calm…I don’t know how you do it.  You were there for me when I had my baby – giving me space, but also taking care of my family in ways that I couldn’t.  I love you, Mom.  Thank you for being you.

and MY BABY!!!  How excited (and unbelievably out of our minds SCARED) we were to find out my belly would grow with a little life inside.  The top picture is actually only a few days before Bubba arrived (he looked kinda lumpy in there.)  Andrew was 5 and a half weeks early and totally caught us off guard.  I remember sitting on the couch during my college years having a conversation with my mom.  She was asking what direction I was going in with my studies (haha, that sounds funny…ya think she was making sure I was going to class!?) and anyway, I answered with I’m not sure…guess one day I’d really “just” like to be a mom.  So I did finally graduate, have a career, and yes…MOM is the hardest job ever…but the best.  I love you too, Max and Andrew – thank you for such an awesome day that included a nap, a clean closet (seriously…my hubby organized my closet and came out alive!!), lots of giggles, and a cheeseburger.  xoxo.

Have a great week everyone!  Off to work on more pictures of Mommies (oh okay, and Daddies too!)

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  • May 10, 2010 - 7:45 am

    Bailey - To an AMAZING mommy herself… We love you.ReplyCancel

  • May 10, 2010 - 9:50 pm

    MiMi Cook - I love this! Thank you so much! Lov, MiMiReplyCancel

  • May 11, 2010 - 11:07 am

    Kyley - Absolutely love this post! Brought a few tears to my eyes… I love all the pics and especially the picture of you and your sweet mom! Too cute ~ love you bunches & bunches friend!!ReplyCancel

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