Say What’s Day at the Gym

We were SUPER excited to finally have a Little Gym class!!!  I used to take the boys I babysat for loooong ago and just couldn’t wait to get my cutie pie (and his BFF/girlfriend) into a class.  It was a hit!

so aside from the {ummm yeah mom, sorry I won’t sit in the circle and sing with everyone but I’ll stand in the middle or go play with the doorstop} antics, Andrew did wonderfully.  He was stoked when he realized he could climb on EVERYTHING…and he did.  B-girl enjoyed the bubbles and bells the most I think – such a pretty princess!  On the *active* subject, my bubba can now run at FULL speed ahead, open the back door (ack!!!) and climb on the couch in order to jump off (he practiced about 20 times today.)  No worries, we have the Doc on speed dial just in case.

So…I’m thinkin’ you may have spotted a baby bump up there?  That lady-mama has got identical twin boys in her belly.  The other day I *forced* her to take a few photos.  She’s beautiful and doesn’t realize just what an amazing friend, mom, wife, and oh, we could go on and on…she is.  I’m so proud of her and can’t believe those baby brothers are almost here (not soon enough according to her!!)  I love them already.  Sometimes she sorta makes me sick with her bright baby blues, naturally blond hair, and “oh I just won’t wear makeup but will still look gorgeous today” style.  Seriously, come on and stop it already 🙂  Okay, I embarrassed her enough.

My head is spinning with all the pictures I have left to edit.  My computer is freaking out because of low memory.  Max has to make me stop working every once and awhile.  I do have to say that these “Say What? Sundays” really help me slow down for a minute and focus on my personal loves.  My favorite part of today was sitting in the sun outside watching Andrew run around like a mad man…ahh, heaven.  Okay – time to get back to work.  Hope you slow down and enjoy this week too!

Again, if you’re waiting on me to finish something up – it’s happening!!

  • May 3, 2010 - 5:54 pm

    Carrie Perez Davis - Tell Lady Momma Hello for me and tell her she is looking so beautiful! Congrats on the twins!

    Your site is amazing and you are a truly gifted photographer!

    Carrie xxooReplyCancel

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