Say What {BUSY} Sunday

Okay, I’m just making it in for Sunday…well maybe a minute past.  Wow, super busy and feeling slightly overwhelmed.  I couldn’t be more grateful to all my fabulous clients, family, and friends – the photo opportunities have been amazing, but it sure is BUSY around here!  Took a little break and turned the sprinklers on for Bubba – we just had to try out that new rain coat (thanks, Cissy!)

and some snapshots from the week…  There is actually a tee-tiny little pic of the hubby and me – we got dressed up for an event at the Myerson!  So fancy, I tell you.  Ummmm…and I needed to share my ‘Words with Friends’ high score…you know the word, “jeed” that I totally use all the time…102 pts baby.  There’s also a little frog man who’s sneak peek should be up tomorrow – sweet boy was only a week old (and in love with me!) 

Okay, off to bed…need to recharge.  big. time.

  • April 26, 2010 - 1:03 pm

    Maxwell - I like our little man in the rain coat. Very Proud of you.ReplyCancel

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