Say What {emotional} Sunday

Ups and Downs.  Happy news, Sad news.  Milestones and looking back.  He makes my heart burst with love…

Our Grandpaw is out of the hospital…yay!  We are so thankful that he’s home and grateful to have seen Andrew’s other grandparents this last week too…we love you all and thanks a million times for the help.  My hubby was on a trip and I was sick.  boo.  NO right to complain though.  One of my best girlies headed home with a brand new baby today!  Can’t wait to meet him VERY soon…love me some tiny toes!  There was even another fun baby shower to attend…and I get to take belly laugh pictures (hooray!) of that beautiful mama soon.

If you do one thing this week, read this incredible story.  Our sweet friends recently had triplets.  They have 2 healthy preemies…and one angel baby that wasn’t meant to live in our world.  Their strength is plain AMAZING and I feel lucky to just know them.  Maybe one day I will be blessed enough to take some photos for their family of four – although this new Dad has a talented eye behind the camera.  We are beyond thrilled for you, Adam and Lisa!

My own ‘baby’ is now 15 months.  I’m not sure how that happened…or what I was doing.  We’re still working on more words – he’s running all over the place and into EVERYthing…our fun times seem to be endless.  Giggles and games – he loves to hide from us and wants to be chased constantly.

Okay, one last thing to share…had some Ranch Dressing today.  Those of you who know me very well are aware of what a big fan I am.  It wasn’t good Ranch though and I was super sad.  You see, I gave up the creamy goodness for the last couple of months and in turn started to eat healthier overall.  I missed it though…and gave in on this dreary Sunday.  Maybe it’s for the best.  I’ll have to be a bit pickier of my Ranch source in the future.  While working on the ‘new me’…I’ve come across something that my tummy loves and wanted to share.  Must admit that there were almost tears the other day when my new friend was ALL GONE at the store.  Thank goodness they restocked and you better believe 3 packs were purchased.

mmmmmm….try some (with a little whip cream.)  Have a *sweet* week!

  • April 18, 2010 - 8:59 pm

    Norma Vardeman - I loved watching you work Leah, both Saturday and Friday.
    I may need help seeing what you have and what I can get of these 2 sweeties.

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