Say What {Easter} Sunday

Sunday again…they seem to get here quickly!  Happy Easter from our little fam to yours!  Andrew’s egg hunt…

His Daddy put him inside the basket…and yes, I’m convinced that his scrunchie-smiley face will always be with us.

Just a few things on my mind this special day.  My favorite Easter memory?  It’s got to be when our Yellow Lab, Daisy Mae, ATE all of the carefully dyed hard-boiled eggs a certain *special* Bunny hid for me Easter morning.  I couldn’t find them anywhere and was a tad bit frustrated (yes real eggs were hidden and I’m pretty sure that was the last year)…my parents seemed equally perplexed – and so we feared the worst when our pup had a lovely tummy ache that Sunday afternoon.  classic.

The symbolism of Easter is special to me.  I feel comforted knowing that we can all be better in our daily lives, we can have a rebirth of spirit, of creativity…of anything we set our minds and hearts to.  I wish you new beginnings on this Easter Sunday and wonderful memories with your families.  Speaking of, I’m gonna get back to mine!

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