Say What? Sunday

Welcome to my Say What? Sundays.  Sometimes I have to stop and “say what?”  Okay, really it’s just a chance to ramble…feel free to turn off your ears.

Recently, a dear friend and I were discussing the word PASSION with regards to photography.  I hear it a lot.  ‘photography is my passion’…  I started thinking – is it mine?  I don’t think so!  Uh-oh, that means I’ll never be a great photographer.  My *wise* dear friend helped me see the light.  Leah, (she says) I think your clients are your passion.  You take pictures for them.  You have passion for making them happy.  Ah, yes.  Very true.  So I guess you could say ‘people are my passion’ (wait.  now I’m rolling my eyes because I hear that a lot too.)  Oh well, I’m not gonna worry about it.

Something else I’m in love with?  Baby boy…he’s still a baby right?!?  14 months…please say yes.  I often have a hard time getting the color of his eyes to photograph well…almost navy-gray with little flecks of brown.  Andrew’s eyes are deep and soulful…that’s usually the first thing others notice about him.  Finally got one I love the other day while we were playing…oh and the super awesome eye contact?  Pretty sure this did the trick!

One more thing.  Snow?  Say What?  On the 2nd day of Spring…come on Mother Nature.  Sadly, we could use a little sun on this pale skin of ours, poor guy got mama’s coloring.  Warning…bad iPhone pics ahead…

Well that’s it!  Hope you have a fabulous week.

oh…and don’t forget ~ Have a bun in the oven or know someone that does??  Belly Laughs is for you!

Want a Spring Session?  Let’s hope for no snow at the Mini!

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